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How do you pose, Elisa?

and to that, I say, I don't pose. I direct my clients into a feeling or movement. This allows me to photograph a more effortless set of images that reflect the couples personality and story instead of a list of poses I check off my list.

This topic is something i'm particularly passionate about because every couple that steps in front of my camera is unique. They have their own quirks, things that they're passionate about and ways they show each other love. It's my job to capture their uniqueness not just cross off the list of poses on my instagram list.

This isn't about me, it's about them.

If you want to achieve those effortlessly candid, movement, emotion filled photos you have create a setting where they feel COMFORTABLE to do so. 🖤

Here's a few tips that might help:

1. Give them actions to do instead of poses:

If you're constantly giving them stagnant poses, then people are far less likely to act how they normally act and I've found it's much more difficult to capture those candid moments! Focus on giving them prompts such as: "walk together and talk about the one thing that you're most excited for on your wedding day." or put on a slow song and ask him to hold her like it's the first time he's held her in his arms. Or maybe ask him to run up behind her, pick her up and give her a twirl or tell her to whisper in his ear why she loves him. This gives you a variety of movement and emotions instead of static poses!


If your clients are extra shy, give prompts that play towards that. It probably isn't the best idea to tell a quieter couple to "run towards me and bump hips". This is not naturally how they'd act. If you want authentic images, direct according to their natural personality!

3. Get to know them!

Ask questions before you meet them. I personally send out a questionnaire pre-shoot with questions that get to know the things that they're interested in and what they love about each other. Their answers really help me curate prompts that they personally can relate to. Be interested in their lives. The more comfortable they are with you beforehand the more comfortable they are with you when you shoot!

⭐️ Remember! You aren't taking photos for your portfolio or Instagram. You're here to CAPTURE their relationship!

4. Play music. What kind of music? While I do have my favorite playlist I can play on a whim, often I ask them their favorite artists/songs and create a playlist personal to them. This really loosens up the tensions and helps the couple just focus on each other and not me, who's clicking in their faces.

5. Set expectations and start far away: When the shoot begins, I love to just set my expectations with the couple saying that I love lots of movement and that they don't need to feel stuck in the pose I give them. I personally love when couples enjoy each others company and don't feel the need for me to give them every single little pose. But they won't know that unless I tell them this.

I find the longer the shoots continue, more often they're more comfortable and willing to just hang out together without posing help from me. This is my goal for every session because it allows the couple to just be themselves and I'm just the special one to capture it.

Was this helpful? Do you have any questions or more tips and tricks? Maybe you have some favorite prompts! Lemme know below 👇🏼


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