The Wedding Pricing Guide

The Wedding Pricing Guide


Are you sending your clients a list of numbers in an email and calling it a day? Sending out your prices and then ... crickets? This pricing guide is FOR YOU friend.


The Wedding Pricing guide is a 18 page clean, editoral design created in Canva. It's super easy to custimize to represent your brand (no, it doesn't have to look like the photographer who bought it next door!) and filled with copywriting prompts to uplevel your initial client impression. Time to blow your clients socks off with raving reviews, stunning imagery, expectations while working with you, answering their questions before they ask and so much more. 


Gone are the days of a simple email with numbers. Your clients deserve a better experience and this guide offers just that. 



+ super easy Canva design

+ Sections include: introductions, expectations, reviews, pricing lists, FAQ's, next steps & more. 

+ 18 pages filled with a beautiful, clean design, modern fonts and a customizableimagery.

+ Professional copywriting prompts to make this guide personal to YOU.

+ A video tutorial on how to make this guide reflect your service! From changing fonts, colors & so much more.

+ and BONUS, my top tips for intial email inquiries, what i do with clients who ghost and how to write a BOMB welcome email. 


so excited to see you there!